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Paradise, PA

"Each generation supposes that the world was simpler for the ones before it."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Land grant from William Penn.
  • Located along Pequea Creek in what is now Lancaster County.
  • Settled in 1712 by the Ferrees and other Huguenot families.
  • Paradise became official name of the town with establishment of its "post office" in 1804.
The first homes on this land were shelters built of timbers with roofs of hay. They were eventually replaced with log cabins. Over time, fine stone houses were built. Some of those houses are still standing. The pages below feature some of the Ferree homes, those of other prominent families that intermarried with the Ferrees, and Ferree related historic sites.
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Note: Material for these pages was complied principally from information found in "Paradise, Our Heritage, Our Home" by Robert C. Denlinger; "The Story of the Ferree Family" by Emory Schuyler Ferree; "Ferree Family Gunsmiths" by George Bennett Ferree; "Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Street Map Book"; "Mapquest"; "Leola, Pennsylvania (1999), New Holland Pennsylvania (1999),Quarryville, Pennsylvania (1992), and Gap, Pennsylvania(1994) maps produced by the United States Geological Survey in cooperation with Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey; local merchants' business brochures and advertising phamphlets; and consultants, Robert Denlinger and Charles Heisterkamp.