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Our Descendants of Marie Ferree Reunion 2014 began with a special candle lighting ceremony to honor the memory of Daniel and Marie Ferree and their family.

The tribute below was given during that ceremony.



In Memory of the Ferree Family

We have gathered here this day to honor and pay tribute to our beloved ancestors who, 300 plus years ago, so bravely and courageously started their journey to the new world to claim the land granted to them where they could live without fear of persecution, scorn, and degradation. A heartwarming story which we all know.

They traveled here from afar and we have traveled here from near and afar to pay tribute today to our shining stars.

Perhaps you are looking down upon us today with a smile on your face and happy that your family has again come to Paradise, your special place.

We are grateful that you made that journey so long ago. Oh! How over these many years your family did grow.

We are so proud of our heritage and proud to be descendants of the Family Ferree.

We thank you for this our dear Daniel and Marie.

In loving memory of Daniel and Marie, their daughters and sons, we light these candles one by one.

Shirley Ferree Stilgenbauer

July 17, 2014