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Marie Ferree Diary - Christmas 1712

Today is Saturday, December 24, 1712. It is cold and the wind and snow are fierce. Our hut is almost buried under the snow; it is difficult to keep warm.

Earlier today we gathered evergreens and dried berries from the woods that surround us to decorate our humble abode which we are so thankful for. Our home looks very festive

with the evergreens and the Huguenot Cross is hanging proudly on our door. Today we made molasses candy, hardly a substitute for our French chocolates, as a special treat. There are no shops to buy gifts, so we made our own. I must say they are creative and made with love. The best gift we could have is that of freedom to live in peace and worship as we please without fear and degradation.

Tonight we sat around the fire, read from the Bible, sang carols and reminisced about our Christmases past. The snow finally stopped falling. The sky above us is brilliant with thousands of stars brightly shining down upon us. What a beautiful and glorious sight. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today is Sunday, December 25, 1712. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the snow is melting. We are celebrating the birth of Christ in our own way since there is no church where we can worship.

Today we shared our Christmas celebration with some of our Indian friends who have become almost like family. We are thankful to them as they have helped us adjust to living in the "wilderness". They brought us gifts of beads and furs. Our dinner of wild turkey, venison, beans, corn much and hardtack (a type of bread) was a special treat since food is scarce this time of year.

After dinner we sat around the fire and sang Christmas carols. We told our friends about the meaning of Christmas, how it came about and how we celebrated our past Christmases and of our traditions.

It was a beautiful day in Paradise and one we will always remember. Thank you Lord. Joyeux Noel. Bonne Annee.

Article written by Shirley Ferree Stilgenbauer. It was not taken from any diary or journal Madame Marie may have had nor is it to be taken as historically accurate or factual. It serves merely to give an idea of what may have been in her thoughts about events in her life and what she may have written about them.