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Brua's Mill
37 Leacock Road Paradise, PA

The land located along Leacock Road leading from Paradise to Gordonville to east of the bridge that crosses the Pequea Creek was owned by Jacob Ferree (1728-1883), son of Philip and Leah DuBois Ferree, grandson of Madame. The property was purchased about 1777 or 1778 by David Witmer. and for many years the Witmer family operated a hemp mill on the property and then later a grist mill.


Samuel Brua operated the mill and a machine shop. The machine shop was located on the Paradise side of the grist mill. In the 1870's, the mill was destroyed by fire. Samuel Brua's sons, David, John, and Frank rebuilt it. The property changed hands several times after that. In 1903 it was operating as a seed company and a printing press. On December 30, 1947, the building was destroyed by fire.

Legend states that George Washington once visited the mill while visiting his friend, David Witmer. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the milling of hemp. The mill worker, overly enthusiastic to show the process, lost his balance and was seriously injured. His arm was crushed by the mill stone

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