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Family Letters - Col. Joel Ferree

Col. Joel Ferree was the son of Jacob Ferree and his first wife Rachael Ferree. During the War of 1812 he commanded a regiment mustered into service at Pittsburgh for the term of six months beginning October 2, 1812, and to be paid through April 15, 1813. This allowed the men thirteen days in which to return to their homes. The regiment marched to Upper Sandusky, Wyanot County, Ohio. There they built a fort which was named Ft. Ferree in his honor. Joel Ferree became sick with jaundice in February 1813. The regiment departed for home on April 2nd. Col. Ferree died enroute on April 9, 1813, in Zanesville, Ohio.

This letter from Col. Joel Ferree was written to his half brother, Jacob Ferree, Jr. Prized by Ferree descendants of a brother of Col. Joel, it was written on "foolscap" paper and on the outer cover is marked "Received nine months after date of favor of Wm. Anderson."


Note: Punctuation has been inserted for easier reading.

Upper Sandusky - Jan 21st 1812

Jacob Ferree, Jr.

Dear Brother - -

I take this opertunity to inform you I am well at Present thanks be to God for the same hopeing these fue lines may find you enjoying like blessing. I would inform you this Day a Detachment of upward of three hundred men as escort to the Artillery left this for the rapids consisting of 14 or 15 peases of ordinences the ordinence ware moved on Sleds, and likewise Considerable of the Militery Stors ware also moved. I am of the opinion we shall shortly move from this place on to rapids. there is some of our army is advanced to the Reason. the PetersBurgh Company of Volunteers arrive here a fue Days agow. the company consist of one hundred and three, officers included and composed all of young men principelly between the age of 21 and 25 and the hansomest company I Ever beheld. I expect you have herd how brave Capt. Butlers men fought at the battle of Massinewey. Capt. Morreals troop and Lieut Warrens also Distinguished them selves as brave men. I am sorrey to here our Democarat Republicans Volunteers under Genl Tannihill have so basely Degraded themselves and a Stigma on the hole State. It puts me in mind the old storrey I have often herd, the Dog that barkes so lowd no Danger of his biting. So it appears the Democrats have been urgin our government to Declare war till we would have Canaday in our possession in a fue weeks. Shame Democrats Replublican where is your blush. But I find the are completely stagered when the come to time when the Expect to smell Powder. I am in hopes Genl Harrison will penitratae into Canaday before our time is up. The grate Difficulty we labor under is the procuring of forrage but having a fine Snow ever since new year the forrage is brought in abundance with sleds. I wish you to send me a paper with the names of those Deserters. I Directed Mr. Scoll to publish in his paper and Mr. Snowden. I wish you to write me perticular. Give my best respect to mother, and all Enquiring friend. I ad not further but remains you affectionate brother til Death.

Jacob Ferree Junr Joel Ferree

N.B. I doe expect we are grately xensured by the Citizens for slow movement. the cant scarsely form an Idiea the mence Expence the government is at for the movement of this wing of the armey. there is at this time Nineteen hundred pack horses between 4 and 5 hundred wagons and I expect at this time not less than two hundred Sleds all of which in motion still with grate Dificulty at times we have full supplies. when I arrive at this place I was obliged to send my horse back to the Setelment about Sixty miles for forrage was not to be had here at that time but I am about to send for him again as we Expect to move from this in a Shorte time. when you write Direct your letter to lower Sandusky. I have Recd one letter from you.

  a Due J. F.
Address on outside of letter:    
  Mr. Jacob Ferree, Jr  
Joel Ferree    


Daniel Ferree (1647-?) m: Marie Warenbauer (1653-1716)
Philip Ferree (1686-1753) m: Leah Dubois (1687-1758)
Isaac Ferree (1725-1782) m. Elizabeth LeFevre (1728-1804)
Jacob Ferree (1750-1807) m: Rachael Ferree (1755-1783)
Joel Ferree (1771-1813) m: Christiana Kuykendall (1773-1830)
Note: Dates are believed to be correct, however, accuracy of all dates cannot be guaranteed.