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Family Letters - Benjamin D. Johnson

This letter was written by Benjamin D. Johnson (husband of Elizabeth F. Coale Johnson) to one of his daughters. The daughter's name is not mentioned so it is not certain which one. It would seem from the content of the letter there may at some time have been some family problem(s) and he now would like to make amends.



Home 12/78

My Dearly Beloved Daughter it was sincere pleasure that I recognized thy old familiar smile when thee met me with the children on the road the other day and you (unreadable) to the hope that some time before long I shall have the (unreadable) of giving thee a Fathers embrace, as I fear it will not be very long that you will have me with you. I sincerely pray that all past unpleasant thought and such will be forgiven and that we may all meet where care and trouble never come. I have never thought a minute that thee has not acted the part of a dutiful wife and mother. Our trouble at home has not bin the cause of my writing but because that thee has been daily on my mind. I have bin for more than a year under the care of a Doctor for my face but I do not see that it is getting much better. With my (unreadable) love to self and the dear children I remain in any event thy attached Father.



Another letter written by Benjamin Johnson was to daughter Jenne asking (it would seem with some urgency) that she come home. On the reverse side of the letter are the words Jane Sidwell.




Dear Jenne

I am very sorry thee is kept away from home so long it would be very pleasant if thee could come home again. Till thee can go to your own house again we will try to do all we can to make thee comfortable, part of our family (unreadable) to leave tomorrow or next day so come at once and please thy attached. Father BDJ




  Daniel Ferree (1646-?) m: Marie Warenbur (1653-1716)
  John Ferree (1685-1769) m: Ruth Buffington (1718-1769)
  John Ferree (1739-1834) m: Elizabeth Bailey (1741-1823)
  Lydia Bailey Ferree (1766-1857) m: William Varnum Brinton (1759-1842)
  Lydia Ferree Brinton (1790-1856) m: William Coale (1786-?)
  Elizabeth F. Coale (1819-1915) m: Benjamin Davis Johnson (1809-1888)

Rachael Johnson (1839)

William Coale Johnson (1840)
Lydia Coale Johnson (1842)
Richard Henry Johnson (1843)
Anna C. Johnson (1846)
Jane Johnson (1849) (Jenne ???)
Lucy Johnson (1849)
Cordella (Cora) Johnson (1853)
Frederick B. Johnson (1856)
George Brinton Johnson (1858)
Lindley Johnson (1863)
Note: Dates are believed to be correct, however, accuracy of all dates cannot be guaranteed.