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Harvey Wesley Whitfield Ferree

" A tree without roots will fall over". - Unknown


Quick Facts

  • Born: December 7, 1854
  • Died: November 28, 1895
  • Parents: Samuel Ferree & Almira Cleveland
  • Married Josephine Hughes
  • Lived in Illinois & Kansas
  • Occupation: Varied
  • Seventh generation Ferree descendant on the Daniel & Anna Maria Leininger line.

Harvey W. Ferree was born in Richfield, Adams County, Illinois, on December 7, 1854. He was the son of Rev. Samuel C. Ferree and Almira Cleveland. His early life was spent on the home farm. He pursued his education and preparation for business life as a student in the Gem City Business College of Quincy, Illinois. After leaving that institution he served as a relief man with the Wabash Railroad Company and later secured a position with the firm of Jansen & Company of Quincy with whom he remained for a year.

Harvey Ferree united in marriage with Josephine Hughes on February 28, 1876, in Adams County, Illinois. They became parents of the following children.

Marvin E. Ferree B: December 31, 1877
George W. Ferree B: January 31, 1880
Mary A. Ferree B: October 30, 1884
Leon J. Ferree B: September 29, 1887
Ray Ferree B: May 1, 1890
May Ferree B: May 1, 1890
David H. Ferree B: August 5, 1892

In 1879 Harvey located his family to Woodson County, Kansas, for the purpose of securing cheap land and obtaining a good home. They lived first on a farm six miles east of Yates Center but after six months took up residence in Eminence. He devoted his attention to agriculture until 1884 when he moved to Humboldt and became the bookkeeper for Harry Bragg, a well known hardware merchant. He remained in that capacity until his death.

In his political affiliations, Harvey Ferree was a Republican but took no part in political work, aside from voting for the candidates of his choice, his time being fully occupied with his business affairs. His reliability and faithfulness in every walk of public and private life won him the friendship of many and the regard of all.

Harvey Wesley Whitfield Ferree died on November 28, 1895, at the age of 41. His death was deeply and widely mourned. He is buried in Yates Center Cemetery, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas, as his wife Josie who died in 1916.