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Alfred H. Worrest

"Invention is the talent of youth, and judgment of age." - Jonathan Swift

Quick Facts
  • Born: July 28, 1855
  • Died: November 21, 1941
  • Parents: Henry W. & Hannah S. Worrest
  • Married: Katherine F. Wanner
  • Seven children
  • Seventh generation Ferree descendant.
  • Salesman & Business Man
  • Inventor
  • Well known in the manufacturing world.
Alfred H. Worrest

Born in Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Alfred Harvey Worrest was born on July 28, 1855, the son of Henry W. and Hannah Sweigart Worrest. He was from two of the oldest and well known families in the area. Before railroads were built, both of his grandfathers operated teams between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Alfred H. Worrest worked with his father on the family farm until about the age of twenty one. Any time off he could get from the farm work, he would spend selling agricultural implements to the farmers in the neighborhood. Out on his own, he worked for a year with his uncle, John P. Sweigart, in Gap, Pennsylvania. The next two years he raised tobacco and sold agricultural implements. During that time he established the firm, Worrest & Sweigart, with his cousin, T. K. Sweigart, in Pequea, Pennsylvania, selling a full line of implements. In 1882, Alfred Worrest accepted a position with the Genesee Valley Manufacturing Company of Mt. Morris, New Jersey, as a General Agent for eastern Pennsylvania and the adjoining states. He remained with this company for eight years, then settling on a farm in Glenlock, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Shortly after that, he sold the farm and returned to Lancaster to accept a position with the Deering Harvester Company of Chicago, Illinois, representing them in Lancaster, Chester, and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania. In 1894, as a result of his "safety buggy" invention, the Safety Buggy Company of Lancaster was organized. It became one of the largest carriage works in Lancaster County. For five years Alfred Worrest served as Manager and a Director of that company.

Alfred H. Worrest was an inventor. Over the years he became well known in the manufacturing world for his inventions which he patented and licensed to be manufactured. A family story handed down says a man by the name of Fisher wanted to partner with Alfred in the designing of "the new horseless carriage body style". Alfred thought "that contraption" would never amount to anything and declined the offer. Fisher went on to become the Body by Fisher name associated with all General Motors cars.

Alfred H. Worrest Patents

Fertilizer Feeder

Patent # 469801
Issued: March 1, 1892
Fifth Wheel
Patent # 44595
Issued: November 2, 1893
Patent # 646531
Issued: April 3, 1900
Design for Body Hanger for Vehicles
Patent # D35393
Issued: December 3, 1901
Hub-attaching Device
Patent # 705185
Issued: July 22, 1902
Spindle for Vehicles
Patent # 798476
Issued: August 29, 1905
Patent # 871251
Issued: November 19, 1907
Counterweighted Single Trigger for Double-Barrel Guns
Patent #1013255
Issued: January 2, 1912
Single Trigger Mechanism for Double-Barrel Guns
Patent # 1029782
Issued: June 18, 1912
Attachment for Steering Mechanism
Patent # 1720870
Issued: July 16, 1929
Source: http://books.google.com/patents to view application documents.
Katherine F. Wanner Worrest

Katherine Wanner Worrest was born July 17, 1859, and died in April, 1938. Alfred died November 21, 1941. Both died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Alfred H. Worrest married Katharine F. Wanner (Kate) at the St. John's Episcopal Church in Compassville, PA, on March 27, 1878. They had seven children: Mary Ella (Minnie), Elsie M., Edgar W., Warren W., Howard A., and Grace E. & Harry who both died at an early age.

Worrest Family
Minnie, Edgar, Kate, Howard, Elsie, Alfred, Warren

Alfred H. Worrest was a seventh generation descendant on two Ferree family lines.

Lineage #1
Lineage #2
Daniel Ferree & Marie Warenbauer
  Daniel Ferree & Marie Warenbauer
Katherine Ferree & Isaac Lefevre
  Daniel Ferree & Anna Maria Leininger
Daniel Lefevre & Mary Catherine Herr
  Andrew C. Ferree & Mary Reed
Mary Lefevre & David G. Ferree
  David G. Ferree & Mary Lefevre
Margaret Ferree & Peter Worrest
  Margaret Ferree & Peter Worrest
Henry W. Worrest & Hannah Sweigart
  Henry W. Worrest & Hannah Sweigart
Alfred H. Worrest & Katherine Wanner
  Alfred H. Worrest & Katherine Wanner

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